Safaricom’s SupaOngea

Posted on January 10, 2010


This started off as well intentioned tariff with massive cost-cutting to the mobile customer on the Safaricom netwotk. With promises of changing tariffs every moment of the day depending on how busy the network was. Prices range from 8/= to 0.80/=.

There was an outcry that this was a con, and popular opinion remains so. Many people were duped to make calls at low rates only to realise the tariff had changed when they pressed the dial button. The outcry seems to have impelled safaricom to change their tariff to change at every hour. To most people, what use was it if it remained at 8/= for the major part of the day? Maybe Safaricom tapping into the power of perceptions. On paper they should be the cheapest at 0.8/= but in reality they almost never get to that.

In my opinion, the tariff was not well thought out and may infact forment rebellion from ardent Safaricom customers. A subscriber in a less dense suburb may enjoy cheaper calls than, say, Kibera. Albeit “immoral” in the sense that the poor pay the most for a mobile call.

There has also been habit where bargain hunters make calls at unfriendly hours, considered a nuisance by many. The mobile phone should fit in to a person’s life schedule, not make aperson re-arrange his schedule to fit into the mobile phone’s tariff plans.

Before I forget, here are the terms of engagement. 🙂

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