Compulsary Subscriber Registrstion – CCK

Posted on June 26, 2010


The Communications Commission of Kenya started a public awareness campaign to get mobile phone subscribers to register their SIM cards with their mobile subscribers. This, they say, will help reduce mobile related extortions and crimes. Users will take more responsibility of their SIM cards and be answerable for texts or calls originating from them.

This new directive seems to have caught the mobile operators flat-footed.  Or they just chose to ignore it. For a directive that has been in the statutes for almost a year now, it beggars questions why the mobile operators were still dragging their feet.

Seems like, gone are the days of endless sales promotions where potential subscribers were enticed with preloaded SIM cards. This new directive will require them to register first before purchasing a SIM card. SIM card hawking seems to be gone, and with it jobs.

According to the Safaricom press release, there is no law in place at the moment to compel the mobile providers to deactivate unregistered SIM cards. If so, this is an exercise in futility. Key to mobile operators concerns will be loss of revenue. And the new entrants will face a steeper challenge roping in new subscribers since one has to be sure to be in for the long term, to sign up.

There also seems to be no clear guideline, as to what happens when one decides to discontinue use of the SIM card. Does it get de-registered? Does he have to report that he has discontinued use of it?

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